Hardware hacking – Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition and More

Standard Synonyms

Hardware tinkering
Hardware hacking
Hardware mods
Hardware modification

Slang Synonyms

Electronics tinkering
Gadget modding
Hardware mods

Academic Synonyms

Hardware modification
Hardware tinkering
Hardware customization.

Old English Synonyms

Anglo-Saxon words for ‘hardware hacking’ are unknown.

Regional Synonyms


Industry-specific Synonyms

Custom ROMs
Kernel flashing


Software hacking


Hardware hacking is the modification of hardware to accomplish a goal that it was not originally designed for.


A hardware hacker is someone who reverse-engineers electronic devices to figure out how they work, and then modify them to do something different or unexpected.

Example Sentences

He was caught red-handed trying to hack into the company’s computer system via the hardware.
The hardware hacking group Anonymous has been responsible for some of the most high-profile attacks in recent years.
A hardware hack is a modification made to a piece of computer hardware to achieve a desired outcome.
Someone whowidget is engaging in hardware hacking.
He had to resort to hardware hacking in order to get the homing beacon to work.