Tomada wifi – Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition and More

Standard Synonyms

Wifi outlet
Wifi socket
Wifi switch

Slang Synonyms


Academic Synonyms

Tomada wifi can be replaced with the words “WiFi router” or “WiFi access point.”

Old English Synonyms

Tomada wifi – wi-fi router
Wireless router

Regional Synonyms

Tomada wifi can also be called a power outlet
An electrical outlet
Or a socket.

Industry-specific Synonyms

Wifi router
Wifi connection
Wifi hotspot
Wifi signal


There are no antonyms for the word ‘Tomada wifi’.


Tomada wifi is a Portuguese word meaning “wifi outlet.”


Tomada wifi is a type of electrical outlet that is designed to work with devices that require a wifi connection, such as laptops and smartphones. These outlets are becoming increasingly popular as more and more devices require a wifi connection.

Example Sentences

1. I need to find a Tomada wifi so I can use my laptop.
2. The wifi at the coffee shop is really weak, I wish they had Tomada wifi.
3. I don’t have any data left on my phone plan, I hope there’s a Tomada wifi around.
4. My Tomada wifi isn’t working, I think I need to reset the router.
5. I’m going to go to the Tomada wifi down the street to see if it’s any better.