Inflated promises – Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition and More

Standard Synonyms

Bloated promises
Empty promises
Exaggerated promises
Grandiose promises
Inflated expectations
Overblown promises
Overinflated promises
Unrealistic promises

Slang Synonyms

Unfulfilled expectations
Broken promises
Unmet promises

Academic Synonyms

Unrealistic expectations
Grandiose claims
Overblown promises

Old English Synonyms

Inflated promises -> grandiose promises

Regional Synonyms

False promises
Broken promises
Unfulfilled promises
Misleading statements

Industry-specific Synonyms

Overblown promises
Grandiose promises
Excessive promises
Overstated promises
Unrealistic promises


Small promises
Insignificant promises
Unimportant promises
Meaningless promises
Worthless promises
Contractual promises


When someone makes an inflated promise, they are making a promise that is much bigger or better than they can actually deliver.


Inflated promises are grandiose or extravagant promises that are unlikely to be fulfilled. They are often made in order to impress or lure in potential customers or clients.

Example Sentences

The used car salesman made inflated promises about the quality of the vehicle.
The new company made inflated promises about their salaries and benefits.
The candidate made inflated promises about their policies.
The athlete made inflated promises about their winnings.
The artist made inflated promises about their talent.