Delayed gratification – Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition and More

Standard Synonyms

Deferred gratification
Suspended gratification
Postponed gratification
Withholding gratification

Slang Synonyms


Academic Synonyms

Delayed satisfaction
Postponed gratification

Old English Synonyms

Deferred gratification
Put off

Regional Synonyms

Deferring gratification
Waiting to receive a reward
Putting off immediate pleasure for a later reward.

Industry-specific Synonyms

Postponed gratification
Deferred gratification
Withholding gratification


Instantly gratifying
Always gratifying
Never delayed.


Delayed gratification is the ability to resist a temptation or an urge in order to achieve a later goal.


The ability to control one’s impulses and wait to receive a reward at a later time instead of an immediate reward.

Example Sentences

1. She didn’t get the job she wanted, but she was happy to have delayed gratification and wait for the perfect opportunity.
2. He has been working hard at his job for years with the delayed gratification of a promotion in mind.
3. It’s difficult to delayed gratification when you see others around you achieving their goals so quickly.
4. If you want to be successful, you need to be willing to delayed gratification.
5. The key to happiness is learning how to delayed gratification.