Code of conduct – Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition and More

Standard Synonyms

Behavioural guidelines
Ethical code
Set of rules

Slang Synonyms


Academic Synonyms

Code of ethics
Ethical code
Code of morals

Old English Synonyms

Way of life
Guiding principles
Code of behavior
Set of rules

Regional Synonyms

Honor code
Ethic code
Moral code
Value code

Industry-specific Synonyms

-Workplace code of conduct
-Company code of conduct
-Professional code of conduct


A code of misconduct is a set of rules outlining the social norms and responsibilities of
And the penalties for breaking those rules
Within a particular organization.


A code of conduct is a set of ethical principles and guidelines that govern the behavior of individuals and organizations.


A code of conduct is a document that provides guidelines for expected behavior within a particular organization or group. The purpose of a code of conduct is to promote a positive and productive environment by setting expectations for how individuals should interact with each other. A code of conduct can also help to prevent and resolve conflicts within an organization or group.

Example Sentences

The code of conduct for the company’s employees is very strict.
Any visitors to the school must adhere to the code of conduct.
The code of conduct for professional athletes is very strict.
There is a strict code of conduct that must be followed by all members of the military.
All employees of the company must sign the code of conduct.