4m – Synonyms, Antonyms, Meaning, Definition and More

Standard Synonyms

Four meters.

Slang Synonyms

For Men

Academic Synonyms

Four meters
Four meter
Four metre
Four metres

Old English Synonyms


Regional Synonyms

Many regional variations exist for the word ‘4m’
Some of which are listed below.

– four metres
– four meter
– 4 meters
– 4 metre

Industry-specific Synonyms

4m could be referred to as “four meters
” “four metres
” or “four thousand millimeters.”


4m is an adjective meaning small or tiny.

The antonyms of 4m would be large or huge.


4m is a unit of length equal to four meters.


The word ‘4m’ is a four letter word that means ‘for’ or ‘four’.

Example Sentences

1. The table is 4m long.
2. The wall is 4m high.
3. The room is 4m wide.
4. The house is 4m tall.
5. The garden is 4m deep.